How to add Batch Server to a Batch Group in D365 Operations

Issue Tag 1: Batch job is not executing properly in D365 operation

Issue tag 2: Batch job remains in waiting state forever

Reason: The issue is due to the wrong or non-assignment of batch server for the batch job

Step 1:

Navigate to Batch Server -> Batch groups -> Batch job

Create a batch group. Navigate to “System administration” –>  “Batch Groups”


Click on “New” and create a batch group in the following form.


Use the arrow icon to set the selected servers.


Now, the batch job will be executed from the waiting stage.

Check here as well:

Sometimes the batch will still remain in the waiting stage even after you have configured the servers as mentioned above. This is because the batch server is not started in the MS services.

Please open cmd prompt and type Services.msc.

Search for “Microsoft Dynamics 365 Unified Operations : Batch Management Service” and start the process.


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