Create virtual tables easily in Maker Portal

2023 Release Wave 1

Creating virtual tables in the Power Apps is an efficient way to access and manage data stored in external sources. Virtual tables allow you to connect to a data source, such as a database or an API, and create a table that is hosted within the Power Apps environment.

This makes it possible to work with the data as if it were stored in the Dataverse table, but without having to worry about duplicating the data or synchronizing changes.

Please follow below step-by-step guide on how to create virtual tables in the Power Apps Maker Portal:

Please navigate to the Power Apps Portal:

Click on the “Tables” menu option from the left-side panel.

Click on the “New table from external data” button to create a new virtual table.

A popup allow us to select the source datasource. As of now, we can connect to SharePoint and SQL server but by using OData v4 data provider and custom data provider.

Click on “New Connection” option to use a new connection reference for the source data source.

This will navigate to the connection tab to create a new connection. Crate a new connection for SharePoint by passing the authentication process.

To apply the newly created connection references, please click refresh button

Now, select the SharePoint as the source data source and click Next button

Enter or select the SharePoint URL

Select the existing list page to create connection and click Next button

The wizard will show the schema details from source and destination datasource. We can change the field names and table schema details of the Dataverse datasource

Once we are happy with the mapping details, we can click Next to review the details

Click on Finish button and create the virtual entity for the source data source

Adding this entity in the Canvas App to perform any CRUD (Create Read Update & Delete) options.