Find records with date range in Model driven app using Advance Find

When you work in Model driven app – especially around date field, you may need to search record based on certain conditions.

Some of the options are shown in below image

The most often used filter criterias are “On”, “On or after” and “On or before”.

If we want to search records based on two date fields such as by using between operator, we need to use Advance search.

Before that, let see how “On or after” and “On or before” filter works. This is required to build our between filteration criteria.

On or after :

Consider the below records and see the published date in these records.

To get records after 1st of Aug 2021, the filteration shows three records

On or before:

To get records on or before 1st of Aug 2021, the filteration shows only one record

If we need to get record between 1st Aug to 7th Aug 2021, we need to use advanced search or using advance filteration.

Advance Search:

Click on the advance search icon on the right hand corner . By using both “On or after” and “One or before”, we can achieve the between date range functionality.

Add the date range as shown below

Result shows records within the selected range of dates.

Advance Filter:

Click on the “Advance filter” option

Select the same filteration that we have discussed above

Records will be filtered out with the date range

Looking for a video demo? I have explained the same in the video below.

Multi-Table lookup – Power Platform – PowerApps Feature – July 2021

When we are trying to create a lookup field that lets you check out media to the users.
We will have a table of Books with book publilsher details, a table of Audio offerings with audio type, and a table of Video offerings with video type.

There was no easy way to create a lookup that would pull data from all three tables at once.
We may end up with three separate lookups as shown below.

The solution is to have a single lookup, that can search data from all the media tables.

Watch this full video with a demo on this.

How to consume Dynamics AX Product Images in PowerApps

Step 1: Create a sample data entity as shown below. It uses EcoResProductImage table which holds the image container of the items.


Step 2: Check the odata feed in the browser. You can see the Base64 images are exposed in “MediumSize” field as shown below.


Step 3: Create a sample PowerApps application and add a gallery. Assign the data source to the gallery.


Step 4: Assigning the “MediumSize” to the image will not shows up the image in PowerApp. So add the below code in the image source to specify the Base64.

“data:image/jpeg;base64,” & ThisItem.MediumSize