My First Novella (Genre – Drama)

A story that will question your beliefs of right and wrong. Or maybe shake the ones you've strongly adhered to all your life. It's published on Juggernaut Books. Here's the synopsis of the story - I'm Madhvi. Right now I'm seated on a train and travelling to the place I grew up in. But I don't … Continue reading My First Novella (Genre – Drama)

It Stopped Raining (2 min read)

It had been raining since morning. I could see the rivulets trickling down the window sashes. I ran my fingers over the glass. My ears craved to hear the clacking raindrops. I pushed the window open; a breeze, chill and drenched by rain, poured in. Much to my surprise, I didn’t cower away. I moved … Continue reading It Stopped Raining (2 min read)

One Last Time ( 2 min read)

I’ve nothing left of my dead husband except for a flute and his last letter. I gave away all his belongings. He’d never uttered his last wish but I knew this was all he needed to rest peacefully in the lap of heaven. People wonder what sort of a woman or wife I am. Actually … Continue reading One Last Time ( 2 min read)

Wish Me Happy Birthday (2 min read)

Today I have turned one. I still remember the day I was born. I opened my bleary eyes and looked around. Like other newborns, I didn’t cry. But everybody else did. My eyes darted from one person to another in the hospital room. The void within me was spreading like wildfire. Suddenly, my hand jerked … Continue reading Wish Me Happy Birthday (2 min read)

Was it you?( 2 min read)

My phone rang for the umpteenth time; it must be Mom, I hurried my steps. My hands were busy holding the umbrella tightly. The rain gradually turned into a storm. The road was hauntingly empty. Apart from a small roadside tea shop, there was nothing else. Every few minutes, the lightning and crashing thunder sent a … Continue reading Was it you?( 2 min read)

It’s raining again( 1 min read)

'The rain looks beautiful, doesn't it?' I stretched out my hand and the droplets touched my palm. 'I love how the rain drops hang from the drenched window grills.' I added, smiling. All I could think of was how much I'd missed the rain. I would shut all the windows, pull the curtains and sit on my bed putting … Continue reading It’s raining again( 1 min read)