That Deserted House (2 min read)

You walk down a road and feel a pair of eyes on you. But then, there is nobody around. It's a quiet summer afternoon; people, unlike you, prefer to avoid the heat and take a nap around this time. Is it just your hyperactive instinct? Then you step into your front yard. You hope to … Continue reading That Deserted House (2 min read)

On My Way To Life (2 min read)

I always carry the ring you gave me. But I can't wear it anymore. Of late I tend to forget where I've kept it. Like yesterday I went out for a short evening walk; suddenly while crossing the road - the one where we'd first met - my legs froze; I don't know why but … Continue reading On My Way To Life (2 min read)

The Awakening At Dawn (2 min read)

It seemed my insides were being singed by the flame of the words as I read the letter on. Smoke billowed from the cigarette between my fingers and spiralled up. I realized I needed a drag badly but my hands remained transfixed. The words didn’t add up anymore, though my eyes swept over them. I … Continue reading The Awakening At Dawn (2 min read)

A Wrapping Paper (1 min read)

Modernism is a flashy wrapping paper under which lies the age-old reality. The reality that nothing has changed. People, mentality, expectations and opinions. As you get older, with time, this epiphany hits you. A little hard in the face. Till one day back, I was engaged to be married. I'd been with him for five … Continue reading A Wrapping Paper (1 min read)

Crap! It’s My Birthday! (1 min read)

I thought I'd decorate the room with 28 balloons. But now I'm out of breath after blowing up just ten. Huffing and puffing, I gulp down one full bottle of water and get on with number 11. Doorbell rings. Cake has arrived. I run to the door. It's a small mango-flavored cake. I set the … Continue reading Crap! It’s My Birthday! (1 min read)

Five Hundred Rupee Note ( 2 min read)

Sometimes all you should be is selfish. All you have to do is train your mind to think about yourself. Not others. About your dream. Not others'. About walking your own path, not the one paved by others. I was eighteen when I was married off. I was a matriculate. I had come third in … Continue reading Five Hundred Rupee Note ( 2 min read)

…And Vanilla Cake Got 300 Likes (2 min read)

This morning I sat down to write something about her on the 'Mother's Day' greeting card and my mind went blank. It's still blank after a good thirty minutes. It was my husband's idea. He does it on every mother's day, instead of calling up his mother and wishing her flat out. I warned him … Continue reading …And Vanilla Cake Got 300 Likes (2 min read)