Memories Of A Broken Umbrella (2 min read)

I met her after ten years. She looked nothing like she did all those years back. Her face was drawn, eyes baggy and a messy bun hanging loose behind her neck. Her struggle with keeping the half-broken umbrella in place over her head propelled me to ask my driver to pull over. The window rolled … Continue reading Memories Of A Broken Umbrella (2 min read)

A Lonely Princess ( 2 min read)

I was never told a fairy tale. I was 8 when I first asked mother what a fairy tale was. I still remember how her face turned white as a sheet. I then ran to Granny. Wasn't she supposed to tell me one? She too turned grim. Who could I turn to? My childlike desires … Continue reading A Lonely Princess ( 2 min read)

Not The Girl Next Door (3 min read)

Hearing some voices and footfall outside our hotel room, I put my eye to the peephole. I saw a bellboy opening the door to the room adjacent to ours; a couple stood behind him. The girl was all smiles and had her hand intertwined with the boy's. They were young and vivacious. The boy rubbed … Continue reading Not The Girl Next Door (3 min read)

I Got Locked Away (3 min read)

I don’t know about love but a part of your soul dies every time a relationship, so dear to your heart, fails. Five years had passed since the divorce. It had not only taken a toll on my mental health, but on every part of my life. I hardly remembered when was the last time … Continue reading I Got Locked Away (3 min read)

…through a Bumpy Road( 2 min read)

Today I’m not the writer; I gawk in awe at this woman as she’s orating on her life and journey. I’m just holding the pen while she’s penning down her words - I’m an ordinary woman who has lived a trite life comprising a bag full of remarkable experiences. My early memories are blurry now … Continue reading …through a Bumpy Road( 2 min read)

A wonder (1 min read)

'Mom, see I've captured the fireball in my hands,' screeched my son from the bedroom. I came running, sweaty and stinky from cooking since morning, to find him jumping on the bed. His nanny gave me a helpless look. 'Ayush, sit down!' I shouted over his screaming voice to shush him. He abided; just as … Continue reading A wonder (1 min read)

The Vile Truth (3 min read)

I was going to turn 18 soon. I was happy, excited and like all other semi-adults my age, badly waiting to dissociate myself from the tag 'kid'. I was content with the life Mom and I had built for us. But something was amiss. Mom had been unconventionally pensive and tense lately. It was conspicuous … Continue reading The Vile Truth (3 min read)