That Deserted House (2 min read)

You walk down a road and feel a pair of eyes on you. But then, there is nobody around. It's a quiet summer afternoon; people, unlike you, prefer to avoid the heat and take a nap around this time. Is it just your hyperactive instinct? Then you step into your front yard. You hope to … Continue reading That Deserted House (2 min read)

On The Last Train (2 min read)

He followed her into the woods. She walked, rather ambled through the dry leaves. The rustling thundered across the air. It echoed through the quiescence of the surrounding. His heart raced fast. He moved his feet discreetly, avoiding the dry leaves, lest she heard his footfall. She seemed strangely comfortable moving through the woods. Her … Continue reading On The Last Train (2 min read)

Find Me (2 min read)

'Who saw the body first?' The maid stared at the lifeless body lying on the bed, her eyes widened, lips quivering. She stayed put, tears flowing down her face. The Inspector repeated himself, his voice high-pitched. It shook her to the core. She looked up. 'I-I did.' She stammered, her breathing heavy and quick. 'What … Continue reading Find Me (2 min read)

An evil game( 1 min read)

As soon as I saw him entering the diner, I hurried to the back door. 'Hello darling...' I sighed and turned to face him. 'Dear wifey...I missed you terribly...why did you run away?' His evil eyes glinted menacingly. I swallowed hard. 'The cops are waiting outside...they need you to identify a dead body...' 'Dead...' I gulped. 'They … Continue reading An evil game( 1 min read)

The poisoned love( 1 min read)

The bathroom door was open. The running tap broke the haunting silence of the room. My grip around the wine glass tightened, my heart pounding fast, nobody will ever know. From the faint light coming through, I could see our photographs on the wall, It'd look like natural death...don't worry. He was lying in the tub, a … Continue reading The poisoned love( 1 min read)

It has seen everything( 2 min read)

'Jinia, come is served.' Mom called from the kitchen window.I had been sitting in the backyard since morning; my eyes were fixed on the spot where it all happened.I hadn't uttered a single word ever since that incident happened. There was a strange daunting silence inside my head; it seemed like all the inside voices … Continue reading It has seen everything( 2 min read)

The silent girl( 1 min read)

I'm new to this city. This place is my favorite; it's only a few steps away from my apartment. I silently watch the people - the grumpy widow, that newly married couple, the grieving man and that little girl in her father's arms. They hardly ever notice me. I read their expressions since their language … Continue reading The silent girl( 1 min read)