What Should I Write Next? (2 min read)

Sometimes I wonder what I should write next. What it is that one would like. Some want to hear about love. And some, make fun of it. Some search for depth in every word. Whereas some, ignore the buried meaning or maybe fear the harshness of it. Because it's frightening. Uncertain. unknown. Like death. They … Continue reading What Should I Write Next? (2 min read)

Have You Seen My Sister? – Final Part (4 min read)

Missed Part 1 and Part 2? Chapter 7 My hands start shaking. I scroll through the pictures. Almost in every picture, I can spot her. Sometimes with my husband. Sometimes with my daughter. Sometimes with other people. ‘I guess you two are twins. Right?’ The voice jerks me and I look at my Doctor. He … Continue reading Have You Seen My Sister? – Final Part (4 min read)

Have You Seen My Sister? – Part 2( 2 min read)

Missed part 1? Chapter 4 I remember our car ride before the accident. I was upset about something. She made me laugh. She told me she would always be with me no matter what. And I replied saying, ‘I wish I could spend my life like this. Without having to need others. Just with you.’ … Continue reading Have You Seen My Sister? – Part 2( 2 min read)

Blindfolded( 2 min read)

I am 31. A married woman. Standing at a bus stop at midnight, ignoring the murmurs of silence, prickling of darkness, and waiting for happiness. A year back from now, I was supposed to be standing right here, right at this time. But instead I was seated in a car, adorned with flowers and balloons, … Continue reading Blindfolded( 2 min read)

Beauty And The…( 1 min read)

His actions all felt rather meaningless now. The white flowers looked to be mocking him, lying on the couch. The wine sneered at his complacence. He dropped with a thump on the couch. The keys slipped off his quivering fingers and clanked onto the marble floor. A shiver ran down his spine. Did what he'd … Continue reading Beauty And The…( 1 min read)

I Promise… (1 min read)

The crowd started clearing; a sheer veil of innumerable sky lanterns, shimmering like fireflies, had dotted the sky; their glimmer reflected in his eyes as he looked up yet failed to beguile him, for the flare of hope, in his heart, had started to wane. Twenty five years - it was long enough for a … Continue reading I Promise… (1 min read)

You there? (1 min read)

'Hello.' He answered tonelessly. Instantly I knew it was a mistake. I shouldn't have called. I probably would never have, unless some momentary, pointless emotions had taken over me. 'You there?' He asked. How could someone be so ruthlessly cold? I stared at the award on the table. My roommate's voice, from the hall, reached … Continue reading You there? (1 min read)