My First Novella (Genre – Drama)

A story that will question your beliefs of right and wrong. Or maybe shake the ones you've strongly adhered to¬†all your life. It's published on Juggernaut Books. Here's the synopsis of the story - I'm Madhvi. Right now I'm seated on a train and travelling to the place I grew up in. But I don't … Continue reading My First Novella (Genre – Drama)

New eBook Out ( A Love Story)

If you are a fan of the movie 'The Notebook' then this is for you. The book's published as a short eBook on Juggernaut books platform. Have you ever wondered how it would be like if the story/ movie you liked the most did not end the way it did? And what if it never … Continue reading New eBook Out ( A Love Story)

Happy News #LOL

Hello Bloggers and fellow writers, My eBook gets featured on Juggernaut books' homepage. Do stop by and give it a read - Wonder Mom It's a humor short. So buckle up for this LOL trip and dive in.

Pooped Mumma (out on juggernaut)

Another eBook of mine is out on Juggernaut. It's a humor story about a hangry Momma. Do visit and leave your feedback. Here you go - Pooped Mumma

A LOL Story…

Hey Bloggers, I know I've been away for a week. And that's mostly because I was writing a story which is very different from what I usually write. It's a humor short. A story about an Indian MOM and her daughter. Well, finally I'm done and it's live on Juggernaut. Do visit the below link, … Continue reading A LOL Story…

** Happy News **

Can't help sharing the news with you all. 'Juggernaut books' has listed my eBook as one of the most noteworthy books on their platform. Give it a read if you have the time. It's an untold historical love story on Shivaji Maharaj and Saibai. Here's the link -

A Mythology by Sree

My first ever mythology (a micro novel, I'd say) is out on Juggernaut Books. It's a fiction based on some true events. It's a story of love and sacrifice, friendship and eternal promises. It's a story about seeking answers. It's a tale of love never told this way before... The story of Saibai and Shivaji … Continue reading A Mythology by Sree