That Deserted House (2 min read)

You walk down a road and feel a pair of eyes on you. But then, there is nobody around. It's a quiet summer afternoon; people, unlike you, prefer to avoid the heat and take a nap around this time. Is it just your hyperactive instinct? Then you step into your front yard. You hope to … Continue reading That Deserted House (2 min read)

On The Last Train (2 min read)

He followed her into the woods. She walked, rather ambled through the dry leaves. The rustling thundered across the air. It echoed through the quiescence of the surrounding. His heart raced fast. He moved his feet discreetly, avoiding the dry leaves, lest she heard his footfall. She seemed strangely comfortable moving through the woods. Her … Continue reading On The Last Train (2 min read)

Let her go…( 1 min read)

Disha put her eye to the keyhole; a curve adorned her lips. She knew this little girl playing inside. Those tiny eyes made her smile from ear to ear. The 5-year-old was humming a nursery song. The talking doll in her hands used to be Disha’s favorite. She pushed the door. It didn’t open. She … Continue reading Let her go…( 1 min read)

The Mirror (1 min read)

They say abandoned houses recount their past in the darkness of night - at the wee hours; to be able to hear the faint murmurs, you'd have to overcome all the chaos within - the tiny voices of conscience, the little flames of vulnerability and the most crucial of all, fear. I don't quite get … Continue reading The Mirror (1 min read)

Was it you?( 2 min read)

My phone rang for the umpteenth time; it must be Mom, I hurried my steps. My hands were busy holding the umbrella tightly. The rain gradually turned into a storm. The road was hauntingly empty. Apart from a small roadside tea shop, there was nothing else. Every few minutes, the lightning and crashing thunder sent a … Continue reading Was it you?( 2 min read)

Someone’s at the door( < 1 min read)

Holding the amulet in one hand and a candle in the other, she cowardly walked to the door, the knock getting louder. She chanted the mantra continuously. She unlocked the door; the candle blew out. 'You kept badgering me to come I am,' came the voice of her dead husband. Written by Chirasree Bose … Continue reading Someone’s at the door( < 1 min read)

The Shelter #PART 2( 2 min read)

The Shelter #PART1 We heard whispers of a woman and a man talking in the distance. Suddenly we heard footsteps near the bed as if someone just got off it. I clung to my husband's arm - 'did you hear that?' I asked, looking at him. He said nothing, his eyes widened and lips quivered. The footsteps … Continue reading The Shelter #PART 2( 2 min read)