My First Novella (Genre – Drama)

A story that will question your beliefs of right and wrong. Or maybe shake the ones you've strongly adhered to all your life. It's published on Juggernaut Books. Here's the synopsis of the story - I'm Madhvi. Right now I'm seated on a train and travelling to the place I grew up in. But I don't … Continue reading My First Novella (Genre – Drama)

I Promise… (1 min read)

The crowd started clearing; a sheer veil of innumerable sky lanterns, shimmering like fireflies, had dotted the sky; their glimmer reflected in his eyes as he looked up yet failed to beguile him, for the flare of hope, in his heart, had started to wane. Twenty five years - it was long enough for a … Continue reading I Promise… (1 min read)

Sree’s quotes

Hey Bloggers, While I am away for 2 days, hope you will enjoy reading my quotes. Do leave your feedback.   Written by Chirasree Bose

Dear Bestie…

Do you remember the days we used to be best friends?I bet you do.Do you remember the promises we made, the decisions we'd taken?Yeah right, we were innocent.Remember we decided not to get married ever? Huh, now you're married with two kids.I remember you wanted to be an air hostess. Now you're a housewife.To my … Continue reading Dear Bestie…

I was his girlfriend(2 min read)

"You're my best friend!" I said, high-fiving. "Don't call me that!...I'm not your friend." He replied gruffly. I laughed hard, pulling his hair and he glared at me. I still laugh when I remember our conversation and the moments we spent together. We'd been friends since 3rd standard. He however used to call me his … Continue reading I was his girlfriend(2 min read)

She wasn’t my forever

The fragrance of the perfume woke me up this morning; the moment it filled my nostrils, I flashed back to a moment, a very vague one. "What perfume is it?...the smell is too good..." I recalled myself saying to her. "I don't know...sneaked it out of mom's room..." She'd started laughing hysterically. And then I planted … Continue reading She wasn’t my forever