Memories Of A Broken Umbrella (2 min read)

I met her after ten years. She looked nothing like she did all those years back. Her face was drawn, eyes baggy and a messy bun hanging loose behind her neck. Her struggle with keeping the half-broken umbrella in place over her head propelled me to ask my driver to pull over. The window rolled … Continue reading Memories Of A Broken Umbrella (2 min read)

A Hell Lot Of Love! (2 min read)

This is the place. Right here, on this bridge, it happened. Seven years ago. Yet it seems like yesterday. And sometimes, too unbelievable to be true. What if he's standing right behind me, waiting to grab me like he always did and whisper, 'I'll never let you go'? Even the mere thought of it sends … Continue reading A Hell Lot Of Love! (2 min read)

Blindfolded( 2 min read)

I am 31. A married woman. Standing at a bus stop at midnight, ignoring the murmurs of silence, prickling of darkness, and waiting for happiness. A year back from now, I was supposed to be standing right here, right at this time. But instead I was seated in a car, adorned with flowers and balloons, … Continue reading Blindfolded( 2 min read)

A Wrapping Paper (1 min read)

Modernism is a flashy wrapping paper under which lies the age-old reality. The reality that nothing has changed. People, mentality, expectations and opinions. As you get older, with time, this epiphany hits you. A little hard in the face. Till one day back, I was engaged to be married. I'd been with him for five … Continue reading A Wrapping Paper (1 min read)

Crap! It’s My Birthday! (1 min read)

I thought I'd decorate the room with 28 balloons. But now I'm out of breath after blowing up just ten. Huffing and puffing, I gulp down one full bottle of water and get on with number 11. Doorbell rings. Cake has arrived. I run to the door. It's a small mango-flavored cake. I set the … Continue reading Crap! It’s My Birthday! (1 min read)

Journey Over The Bridge (1 min read)

Losing life is what we consider the biggest tragedy. And losing oneself, the worst grief. But do you realize what happens when you're standing over a bridge connecting these two? Every time I passed by her ward, I found her standing by the window and continually glancing at her watch. Her ward was right next … Continue reading Journey Over The Bridge (1 min read)

A wonder (1 min read)

'Mom, see I've captured the fireball in my hands,' screeched my son from the bedroom. I came running, sweaty and stinky from cooking since morning, to find him jumping on the bed. His nanny gave me a helpless look. 'Ayush, sit down!' I shouted over his screaming voice to shush him. He abided; just as … Continue reading A wonder (1 min read)