An Ideal Wife (2 min read)

'You should've tried more.' Father has always been quite reserved. He's been stringent about his ideals and principles. I respect him. I always have. It's not that he was my hero. Neither did I ever call him the best father. But I've seen immense respect in mother's eyes for him. And that was enough for … Continue reading An Ideal Wife (2 min read)

You there? (1 min read)

'Hello.' He answered tonelessly. Instantly I knew it was a mistake. I shouldn't have called. I probably would never have, unless some momentary, pointless emotions had taken over me. 'You there?' He asked. How could someone be so ruthlessly cold? I stared at the award on the table. My roommate's voice, from the hall, reached … Continue reading You there? (1 min read)

A Lonely Princess ( 2 min read)

I was never told a fairy tale. I was 8 when I first asked mother what a fairy tale was. I still remember how her face turned white as a sheet. I then ran to Granny. Wasn't she supposed to tell me one? She too turned grim. Who could I turn to? My childlike desires … Continue reading A Lonely Princess ( 2 min read)

Down The Road (1 min read)

10 years. Time has flown by so swiftly. Yet strange! Nothing's changed - the smell that earth emanates, soothing blue of the sky, tossing of trees, chirping of birds and that house down the road. Except that mother isn't seated on the porch waiting for me anymore. Father isn't there to ask what took me … Continue reading Down The Road (1 min read)

At The Yellow River (2 min read)

As the bus trundles over the bridge, I look down at the reflection of red, yellow and orange of the dusk sky onto the water. When I was small, father would take me on a boat ride on this river every Sunday right before the sunset. And I used to call it the yellow river. … Continue reading At The Yellow River (2 min read)

Yes I Lie To You, Mom (3 min read)

The raindrops clacking down on earth awoke me early in the morning. The smell of wet mud filled my nostrils and a thousand memories sifted through my mind. The giggle and chatter of me and my brother resounded in my ears. Those memories always left a trail of void, which agonized me for hours. And … Continue reading Yes I Lie To You, Mom (3 min read)

It has seen everything( 2 min read)

'Jinia, come is served.' Mom called from the kitchen window.I had been sitting in the backyard since morning; my eyes were fixed on the spot where it all happened.I hadn't uttered a single word ever since that incident happened. There was a strange daunting silence inside my head; it seemed like all the inside voices … Continue reading It has seen everything( 2 min read)