That Deserted House (2 min read)

You walk down a road and feel a pair of eyes on you. But then, there is nobody around. It's a quiet summer afternoon; people, unlike you, prefer to avoid the heat and take a nap around this time. Is it just your hyperactive instinct? Then you step into your front yard. You hope to … Continue reading That Deserted House (2 min read)

The Mother (<1 min read)

My heart now seems quiescent. I see a clamour taking shape. But I hear nothing. A sheer blanket of silence has clouded their shouts, cries and screams. I slowly get to my feet. But I realize something's holding me back. It's pulling at my heart. I feel rushed to leave this place but I've to … Continue reading The Mother (<1 min read)

One Last Time ( 2 min read)

I’ve nothing left of my dead husband except for a flute and his last letter. I gave away all his belongings. He’d never uttered his last wish but I knew this was all he needed to rest peacefully in the lap of heaven. People wonder what sort of a woman or wife I am. Actually … Continue reading One Last Time ( 2 min read)

Wish Me Happy Birthday (2 min read)

Today I have turned one. I still remember the day I was born. I opened my bleary eyes and looked around. Like other newborns, I didn’t cry. But everybody else did. My eyes darted from one person to another in the hospital room. The void within me was spreading like wildfire. Suddenly, my hand jerked … Continue reading Wish Me Happy Birthday (2 min read)

When shall we meet again? (1 min read)

' when shall we meet again?' I asked after she turned around. She looked back, her eyebrows scrunched together and a smirk crossed her face - 'what?' she said aloud. Her eyes made me uncomfortable again, I shifted my gaze away, and then cleared my throat trying to form a reply in my head. She … Continue reading When shall we meet again? (1 min read)

An evil game( 1 min read)

As soon as I saw him entering the diner, I hurried to the back door. 'Hello darling...' I sighed and turned to face him. 'Dear wifey...I missed you terribly...why did you run away?' His evil eyes glinted menacingly. I swallowed hard. 'The cops are waiting outside...they need you to identify a dead body...' 'Dead...' I gulped. 'They … Continue reading An evil game( 1 min read)