Have You Seen My Sister? (2 min read)

Chapter 1 I was in a coma for two days. People think you’re nearly dead when you’re in that stage. But now that I’ve come out of it, I can say I’ve never felt more alive. I could sense everything around me. I heard a lady crying, a man talking to me about things which … Continue reading Have You Seen My Sister? (2 min read)

That Deserted House (2 min read)

You walk down a road and feel a pair of eyes on you. But then, there is nobody around. It's a quiet summer afternoon; people, unlike you, prefer to avoid the heat and take a nap around this time. Is it just your hyperactive instinct? Then you step into your front yard. You hope to … Continue reading That Deserted House (2 min read)

Where am I??( 2 min read)

I can't breathe; my throat feels dry, sweat drips off my face and hair; I need water, I open my mouth but no word comes out of it.Where am I, I slowly open my eyes; it's completely dark; I've never been in a more horrendous place.It seems I'm sitting on a chair, but where am I...am I in my … Continue reading Where am I??( 2 min read)

The Shelter #PART 2( 2 min read)

The Shelter #PART1 We heard whispers of a woman and a man talking in the distance. Suddenly we heard footsteps near the bed as if someone just got off it. I clung to my husband's arm - 'did you hear that?' I asked, looking at him. He said nothing, his eyes widened and lips quivered. The footsteps … Continue reading The Shelter #PART 2( 2 min read)

The curse( 2 min read)

"Are you sure this is the place - " I nodded and went ahead. Tina, my best friend looked up and down the palace and hurried her steps to catch up with me. The main door had been long gone; we stepped inside. Rays of the Sun penetrating through the half broken glass windows weren't enough to illuminate the … Continue reading The curse( 2 min read)