What Should I Write Next? (2 min read)

Sometimes I wonder what I should write next. What it is that one would like. Some want to hear about love. And some, make fun of it. Some search for depth in every word. Whereas some, ignore the buried meaning or maybe fear the harshness of it. Because it's frightening. Uncertain. unknown. Like death. They … Continue reading What Should I Write Next? (2 min read)

A Wrapping Paper (1 min read)

Modernism is a flashy wrapping paper under which lies the age-old reality. The reality that nothing has changed. People, mentality, expectations and opinions. As you get older, with time, this epiphany hits you. A little hard in the face. Till one day back, I was engaged to be married. I'd been with him for five … Continue reading A Wrapping Paper (1 min read)

The wrong chapter ( A couplet)

The journey calls me back; follows me the giggles, the cries, the longing and the love I look back; oh dear, I’m still seeking you but in the wrong chapter of love. Written by Chirasree Bose

The loner and A Cup of Tea (3 min read)

I believe people misread loneliness. Why? Because sometimes, in life, all you have is your own company. I doubt if anybody is a born loner. The people you love, probably, make you one. I, Mrinalni Biswas, am standing here on the balcony right now, all alone. Nobody's there. As if them being here would have … Continue reading The loner and A Cup of Tea (3 min read)

…through a Bumpy Road( 2 min read)

Today I’m not the writer; I gawk in awe at this woman as she’s orating on her life and journey. I’m just holding the pen while she’s penning down her words - I’m an ordinary woman who has lived a trite life comprising a bag full of remarkable experiences. My early memories are blurry now … Continue reading …through a Bumpy Road( 2 min read)