My First Novella (Genre – Drama)

A story that will question your beliefs of right and wrong. Or maybe shake the ones you've strongly adhered to all your life. It's published on Juggernaut Books. Here's the synopsis of the story - I'm Madhvi. Right now I'm seated on a train and travelling to the place I grew up in. But I don't … Continue reading My First Novella (Genre – Drama)

Happy News #LOL

Hello Bloggers and fellow writers, My eBook gets featured on Juggernaut books' homepage. Do stop by and give it a read - Wonder Mom It's a humor short. So buckle up for this LOL trip and dive in.

Pooped Mumma (out on juggernaut)

Another eBook of mine is out on Juggernaut. It's a humor story about a hangry Momma. Do visit and leave your feedback. Here you go - Pooped Mumma

A LOL Story…

Hey Bloggers, I know I've been away for a week. And that's mostly because I was writing a story which is very different from what I usually write. It's a humor short. A story about an Indian MOM and her daughter. Well, finally I'm done and it's live on Juggernaut. Do visit the below link, … Continue reading A LOL Story…

** Happy News **

Can't help sharing the news with you all. 'Juggernaut books' has listed my eBook as one of the most noteworthy books on their platform. Give it a read if you have the time. It's an untold historical love story on Shivaji Maharaj and Saibai. Here's the link -

A Story for all romance lovers

Hey peeps - I'm super happy to announce that this love story I had written a while back is now one of the top stories on StoryMirror website. Since I cannot post it here, I'd request you all to follow the link below and give it a read.  If you too think love is the … Continue reading A Story for all romance lovers

A Mythology by Sree

My first ever mythology (a micro novel, I'd say) is out on Juggernaut Books. It's a fiction based on some true events. It's a story of love and sacrifice, friendship and eternal promises. It's a story about seeking answers. It's a tale of love never told this way before... The story of Saibai and Shivaji … Continue reading A Mythology by Sree