A Wrapping Paper (1 min read)

Modernism is a flashy wrapping paper under which lies the age-old reality. The reality that nothing has changed. People, mentality, expectations and opinions. As you get older, with time, this epiphany hits you. A little hard in the face.

Till one day back, I was engaged to be married. I’d been with him for five years. It was perfect. He loved me. I loved him. Our families couldn’t wait for us to join hands for life. But…

A week back I discovered something that cracked me up no end. And I knew it would crumble him too. I pulled myself together and gave him the news. He asked me if it could be mended. I said no. And he walked out.ย The news was heart-shattering, indeed, but I never thought it was potential enough to shatter a relationship.

I’m infertile. This shook the root of his love vigorously. And the wrapping paper fell apart. Under the grandeur of a educated, liberated, well-off man, he was someone who was just marrying the future possibility of starting a family. Not me.

Yes, it’s a lesson. But what do I learn from it? That a woman’s worth as a life partner is measured by her ability to serve motherhood on the plate of her husband?

Written by Chirasree Bose

15 thoughts on “A Wrapping Paper (1 min read)

  1. It’s a difficult decision but there are a lot of treatment options available I think.
    I understood what you were trying to say.
    At an old age, husband and wife will realize the fact that it is that long journey that matters the most ๐Ÿ™‚

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