Customization in D365 Operations are not reflecting in web client

Issue Tag 1: Menu item created in the D365 Operations is not visible in the web client

Issue Tag 2: Your customization is not updated in the Web Client

Issue Tag 3: How to build particular Model in D365 Operations

Reason: The Model must be built to visualize the changes made to the AOT elements. Changes will be reflect in web client if the elements are built with metadata. When you created a menu item or If you make any customization in the form/other elements, some times, building only the project will not help. So try the below approach to build the model.

Steps to build the model:

Step 1: Open Visual Studio as Administrator

Step 2: Navigate to “Dynamics 365” menu and select “Build Models” option


Step 3: It shows all the model in the system. Please select only the model in which you have made the customization.


Step 4: After build completes without any errors, please check the customization in web client.