Did they live happily ever after? (1 min read)

There once was a castle, where lived a little Prince. He’d always been told that one day a beautiful Princess would turn up and sweep him off his feet.

‘But…I’m ugly!!’ He looked pensive.

‘She’d have eyes only for your heart, Prince.’

Years passed. He grew up to be a nice man with an unsightly face.

One fine dusk a girl arrived at his door. Enamored with her breathtaking beauty, he proposed to her; her cheeks reddened. Together they chanted the promise of eternity.

He had eyes for her beauty, while she had eyes only for his castle.

Written by Chirasree Bose for A Month of Mini Writing Challenges 2017 (Write a story in less than 100 words that opens with, “There once was a castle…”)

25 thoughts on “Did they live happily ever after? (1 min read)

  1. Lady Henry touch at the end

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    1. 😊😊 yes twisted fairy tale


  2. wow – this is so beautiful and great post – you have such valuable vision in this story.

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    1. Thank you 😇😇


  3. Great work!
    Best wishes:)

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    1. Thank you so much 😇


  4. We have been living happily ever after for 31 years now. No Miss World beauty, no castle. Just pure Godly love.

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    1. 😊😊 that’s the key to eternal love

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  5. Very nice story. It is a picture of our advance society where hypocrisy is flourish day and night. It is consider that happiness is based on material thing.
    And for gaining material thing some is willing to do every thing.

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    1. Yes very true😊 I’m happy that you could relate to my vision


      1. Thanks. What i say i dont know but what i feel i write. Basically you are doing good job.

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      2. I’m honored🙏


  6. I love the twist at the end! Sitting here smiling.

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  7. Loved the non clichéd finish. Finally something fresh; the cynicism of reality. It’s amazing what you can weave with so few words.

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    1. Thank you so much 😊


    1. 😊😊 thank you


  8. I tot it wud end up as shrek. But u twisted it to reality (in some cases).

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    1. 🙂 yes not a cliched ending


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