A hated woman( 1 min read)

‘Please don’t hang up…listen to me…’, said Ishaani, wishing hard that he would listen.

He remained silent, but didn’t hang up either; Ishaani sighed with relief, ‘happy birthday…’, she added;

‘oh so you remember…I thought you even forgot that you have a…’, he paused to control the rage welling up inside him.

‘How can a mother forget her only child…I feel terrible that I couldn’t be there for you…’, she uttered, tears choked her voice.

‘Oh really…then why did you leave me…why did you leave my father…you’re a abominable woman’, her son shouted.

‘Maybe I am…but son, I tried and I did that just for you…I tried to live with a person who never valued me….I tried to love someone who hurt me again and again…I wish I could show you but, son, the scars on my body have disappeared only the ones on my soul are still unhealed…leaving you was difficult, but staying there would’ve killed my soul once and for all; would you take an advice from your abominable mother…grow up to be a man whom a woman can respect.’


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